Warning: This is a spoiler character for Control Sequence up to Episode 14.

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Name: Zaezel
Gender: Male
Race: Artificial Being (Azure Sin Subject)
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: ???
Birthplace: Created in the Taoreta Region
Height: "6.2" ft"
Blood type: A (Human body)
Hobbies: Destruction
Values: Power, Sin, Destruction
Dislikes: Humanity
The World
Weapon: Ability to manipulate destructive energy into various attacks
Personal Status
Relatives: Others of his kind
Status: Alive
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Independent (Force of Destruction)
Temporary alliance with the Illegal Forces
Partner: Unknown
Simple Move List
Anime(s): Control Sequence
Zaezel serves as a major antagonist of the first and second verses of Control Sequence. He’s an altered being called an Azure Sin Subject who is a Force of Destruction that was released from a cryogenic chamber of sleep. He is an envoy for his "Lord".

Character InfoEdit




Zaezel’s backstory isn't known right now, however he was apparently sealed in cryogenic sleep (presumably with others) for the destructive power he has though by whom is unknown. Not too long before the start of Control Sequence's Episodes, he attacked a Liberation Sector base, meeting Sylar in the process.

Plot infoEdit

Zaezel is mentioned throughout the first verse of Control Sequence, along with his actions and attacks on the city.

Zaezel doesn't actually get revealed until a later episode of control Sequence. He is the unknown force attacking the city, presumably coordinating the attacks as well. Gathering soul energy for an unknown purpose he brings death in his wake. From Sylar its gathered he's here on the mission for his "Lord" and appears to be seeking out Nex for his destructive potential with the Azure. Its currently unknown if he’s connected or working with Valetha in any way.

He officially appears in Control Sequence/Episode 16 where he reveals himself after he’d gotten in due to the barrier being taken down around the 5th area. Zaezel appeared to have intention of harvesting souls, and commanded the smaller seithr beings to do so throughout the area while they waited for their “guest of honor”. He fought Bitoku and Mujihi revealing that Zaezel had been here for sometime after he says the “Black Masses” seen about were in fact the corpses of their kind. He's there because of something Kagusutchi contains which they seek.

Zaezel then proceeds to defeat Mujihi in combat utilizing an unholy amount of power from the blanketing seithr in the area consuming it at a constant making his abilities near limitless to a degree. He showed no interest in facing Sylar once he intervened however, refusing to answer his questions and again ran from him.


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