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The Yurisa Region is the area owned by Liberation Sector (LS). While not nearly as large as the opposing force of the World Order Region, LS's Yurisa is currently the only known organized region to be willing to go against them.

Independent CitiesEdit

The cities they own are known as the Independent Cities, still in the form of the Hierarchical cities but under the control of the Liberation Sector and even open to their own control by local forces. Compared to the NOS's geography, save the decorated sights of Kanayama and their Capital, their cities are very modest, with a focus on the natural environment around them which the independent forces have been working on restoring along with aged technology and structure due to lower profits.

The only city they've lost full control over is Akitsu-Otsu, which was struck down by an assault by the NOS's Lieutenant General, Fasado and its hidden overseer Tekina Mazio was killed.


Outskirts of Taoreta RegionEdit

Izumo RegionEdit

Outside RegionEdit

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