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Warning: This is a spoiler character for Control Sequence up to Episode 23.

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Name: Yura
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Unknown
Personal Status
Status: Deceased
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: NA
Material Collection Information
Anime(s): Control Sequence

Yura was a young girl who was the owner of the Azure Locket. She is seen in Nex's childhood memories in Episode 23 via his nightmare sequence- and is the one who gave him the Azure Locket. She lived with Nex in a spot separated from the rest of the world but unfortunately suffered an ill fate Nex couldn't prevent. Her soul was lost in the process to the Novus Orbis Sequentia and their created Sentient Unit which appeared from a Gate.

Nex made a promise to return for her one day.


Little is known about Yura, she was a young girl who seemed to of shared childhood experience with Nex. They appear to of lived in an area separated somehow from the rest of the world where a structure sat that contained a place that had a place of contact for the Azure. Yura seemed to care for Nex deeply and called him her protector of Azure.

A group of individuals showed up and had found Yura sometime after she'd given Nex her locket and their home began to crumble from seithr corrosion. She was brought out in front of Nex and assumed to have been killed as something drained the light from her completely blue irises. It's uncertain for sure how it happened, but from Nex’s nightmare and his memories of conversation with Akuhei - something also happened to Yura’s soul and the government now is in possession of it.

The only time she was seen was in Nex’s nightmare in Episode 23.


She seemed to be a kind girl with a decent heart and cared for Nex a lot.


Yura wore a white outfit and had bright platinum blonde hair. Her eyes are green and blue, although they were completely blue at one point.

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