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Yukiko Suzuki
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Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 45 (First Appearance)

47 (Age At Death)

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Personal Status
Relatives: Unnamed Husband

Miwa Suzuki (Daughter)
Isamu (Son)

Status: Deceased
Anime(s): The Strands of Fate

Yukiko Suzuki is Miwa and Isamu's mother.


It was said that Yukiko was not expected to live long by doctors and health professionals. However, she proved them wrong, even being healthy enough to give birth to Isamu. While Miwa was born by less conventional means, Yukiko still treated her as if she had given birth to her.

The Strands of FateEdit

Yukiko is shown in the first episode of the series, really emphasizing how much she wanted Miwa to get into the academy. She dodges a lot of questions about her husband, Miwa's father, but makes it clear that he still loves the both of them and that she'd like to see the three of them stay together. Though, Isamu has not yet been mentioned within the series canon.


Yukiko is described as an older woman. She has black hair braided across and keeps it in front of her. She was described as wearing a red long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans. She has blue eyes. In the episode, she wore a white apron as she was cooking.


It can be said that Yukiko is very motherly. She only wants to see the best for Miwa. She has fond memories of Miwa and wishes to see her happy and healthy.