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Yuka Tokai 

  • Azure Generations: A and K character (Joins with Mai)
  • CTS: Recruitable Ally (Requires Mai to be recruited to join)
  • Affinity: Ranged and instant death
  • Weakness: Close quarters combat, Low overall defensive stats
  • Strength: A
  • Heat: B
  • Defense: D
  • Speed: A+
  • Overdrive: boosts her speed to insane levels and allows her to stack her death marks without using special moves along with infinite ammo and faster ammo regen.


  • Stigma Shot: Allows Yuka to add an additional mark to her target, has a piercing effect but deals less damage to each additional target hit.
  • Overkill: A large AoE blast that has a chance of applying marks to all targets, but also damages Yuka for 10% of the damage dealt to one of the targets.
  • Dragon Lotus: A quick chain of 3 kicks that knock back the target that is closest to her, has a small chance of applying marks for every hit.
  • Distortion Drive: Arcane Pulse: A heavy damage blast that does not consume ammo, Hits the target multiple times, and applies one mark per hit of the distortion.
  • Instant Death Distortion Drive: Requiem Shot: A Piercing shot that causes Instant death if used on targets that have enough marks. Deals no damage without full marks.

Unique (Constant Traits that level over time)

  • Drive: Mark of Corruption: With every basic attack Yuka has a low chance to apply a mark to the target which do a small amount of damage for each mark placed, and once Yuka has stacked enough marks on the target, she can instantly kill them with Requiem Shot.
  • Ammo Meter: Along with her heat gauge Yuka also has an ammo meter that shows how many times she can attack from long range before having to rely on skills. (This meter slowly regenerates over time)
  • Corrupted Bullets: Every bullet or skill that hits a target applies a small debuff on them, lowering their base stats. (this effect can stack upon itself)


  • Ranged Attacker: Since Yuka uses guns, she can do large amounts of damage from afar without putting herself in danger.</li>
  • Glass Cannon: High Strength and speed stat allow her do dish out a lot of damage, but she is very weak in the defense department and requires allies to keep the enemies away from her.</li>
  • Evasive: Due to her low Defense, she has a high speed stat and a decent chance to dodge attacks.</li>
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