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Akuhei's Theme

Fear Initialize  ~Sadistic Nightmare~

It ended when you stepped in front of me
Lets have a bit of fun with your misery
Your fear sows the seeds of a devouring despair
Crumble beneath the pressure of the negativity
A fang of hunger sinks into my mind...
A Leviathan that wants first blood...
and everything to the last bite--!
Writhe now,
Fall down down to an emerald hell!
Drown down down to my level of the perfected cell!
Oh I’m beside myself without a care
Just beside myself with this unending sadistic nightmare!
There’s no rhyme no reason for the crime,
Other than the ecstasy I get from a heavenly cry!
Hope devoured by a unparalleled power,
You're getting colder and colder by the hour!
Emerald fires of the serpents soul coil down on your mind
Down straight into a trance!
Give it a taste...
What’s it like to be filled with fear...?
Go on tell me...
Don’t be afraid...
I promise to make that death of yours quick,
quick for me to enjoy that is…!
Wail now,
Go down down to a personal emerald hell!
Down down to the mind's final torment filled cell!
I take it all with a grin, without a care!
I love it all-- this Sadistic Nightmare!
Now you lose!
Oh I’ll take it all--down to the last damn drop…!
Everything you care for?
Everything you worked for?
Everything you can be…
Everything you will be!
It’s all forfeit to me!
I want to hear the loss at the height of your screams!
Cry now,
Lead you down down to the inescapable abysmal hell!
I threw the key away to your cell...
I’ll drag you down down no one to say farewell!
Down down to the truth no one's seen...
Down to the finale of this hell to be!
I’ve done it all without a care!
Down in this ecstasy!
This Sadistic Nightmare!

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