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The World Order Region (Abbreviated WoR) is a collection of locations under the Novus Orbis Sequentia's control, comprised of several smaller regions and under its absolute authority of the WoR. It's made up of the Teikoku Region, most of the Izumo Region, part of the outside region as well as the whole of the Main Taoreta Region which was one of the main sites of the Third War of Armagus. Their main enemy which they're currently engaged in war with, is the Yurisa Region owned by Liberation Sector Zero. 

List of controlled Hierarchical CitiesEdit

Teikoku RegionEdit

The Teikoku Region is the main capital region of the Novus Orbis Sequentia. It is the strongest and heavily guarded of their regions housing all of the main departments throughout the region including: World Force Militia, R&D, Council Templar and the World Order Council, Amanohokosaka Clan and their Yakuza. 

While it isn't known where, the HQ of the Sequence Intelligence Agency is supposedly in the Region. 

Taoreta RegionEdit

The NOS merely watches over these areas, and none are supposed to enter them outside of those who are exiled or given authority to go here.   

Izumo RegionEdit

Outside RegionEdit

Trivia Edit

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