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The World Crisis, (also called the Black Reckoning), was the time of the climax of the Third War of Armagus. It marked the beginning of a hopeless struggle when highly corrosive, concentrated particles of Seithr consumed the region from an unspoken source within the Boundary that seeped from the gates. It was regarded as one of mankind’s darkest moments in history, and is heavily shrouded in secrecy.


The Black Reckoning would descend on mankind suddenly in the middle of their war when their system to control the flow of seithr and maintain the Boundary would suddenly go awry. A massive formation of seithr and energy appeared into the world from the Boundary. It would prove to be a deadly force that made the Corrosion Anomaly far worse as the seithr would eat away at the world and people began to lose their mind and become far more violent. Others would seek power, forget themselves, lose their conscience and heart. They would, in the end, get transmuted into seithr leaving nothing but blackened husks behind with their souls becoming corrupt.

This was said to be the beginning of Mankind's judgement.

Nightmarish creatures and beings known as Berserk Black, which were said to be akin to the Black Beast, appeared during this time and served to function much like Cauldrons by gathering energy into their body then unleashing destructive results. The Berserk Black devastated mankind as they appeared, flooded the area with seithr from portals of the Boundary, and continued to devour souls reducing the human population on their own severely.

Risky innovations eventually would allow mankind to fight them much like Armagus helped against the Black Beast. Utilizing the abilities of the Boundary's power as their own would let them counter the power of these creatures. But the events in the World Crisis only continued to worsen, most of them now laced with secrecy.

While it was stopped successfully by the power of the Government of the World Order and their World Protectors, it didn’t change the aftermath of it. Seithr from the dubbed Corrosion Anomaly had claimed countless lives, and the events were responsible for the creation of the Taoreta Region from the fall of Ikaruga.

Due to the events of the World Crisis, the Gates were all shut off from access by any except the government to keep any Cauldrons from being pulled out and to prevent further leaks of the seithr linked to the current problem of the Corrosion Anomaly. The Rogue Sectors were also heavily despised afterward for their believed connection to the events as a tactic that put the whole world into danger.

Aftermath of the Black ReckoningEdit

It has left its mark on the world, not only creating a dead area known as Taoreta, but scaring most of the outer parts of the cities. These pieces of the cities are disjointed from the barriers and are called the Seithr Zones, and have such high seithr density that nothing can survive for long, including beastkin and well equipped humans. Only those genetically immune or resistant to the effects of the seithr have been able to still traverse these areas.

The Seithr Zones are usually connected to the Gate(s) of the city, and are something of wastelands or blackened ruins, where the Corrosion Anomaly's adverse effects are typically stronger due to the higher density of seithr.

Their landscapes are fields of darkness, barren and dull almost as though the color had been removed entirely. Seithr overgrowth has taken over, building itself into abnormal formations to give energy to those that use it more, such as the Seithr Beings or beasts, and has designed most of these areas into a giant energy field. Most facilities — unless maintained — were also taken over by seithr and decayed from within, eroding their structure and replaced it with blackened strands and ooze along with clusters of raw energy. No kind of true lush life exists in these death-ridden sectors, instead being replaced with odd organic formations of seithr and black flexible material. Even the weather system was effected, making most of the living conditions hot and unbearable with its own system of troublesome gusts that kick up glass-like particles of seithr in storms which can infect the body.

Out in these pockets of seithr-infested areas it is possible to find malefic creatures of seithr or seithr beings who desire to kill whoever might come through, and have an inherit disdain of people. Seithr Beings would spawn wherever there were high amounts of seithr involved, allowing them to decompose their bodily structure and then rebuild it to move freely through any pockets or fields. Due to their intelligence, they proved to be a difficult adversary for mankind but not as much as the far more powerful variations like Zaezel. The barriers serve to keep them out from the main parts of the city as well.

All of the zones have been restricted to public access, though sometimes are researched by equipped individuals to monitor the events in the Seithr Zones, even others have Harvesting Facilities built and equipped to stay in tact in these areas and serve to collect samples of the deadly seithr in mankind's struggle to deal with it.

Its largest mark is the center of Taoreta, where the Abysmal Frontier now stands. A landmark designed entirely out of seithr, being in its presence is akin to being within the Boundary itself and near nothing can get through.


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