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Vince Soveta
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Name: Vince Soveta
Alias: The Executioner
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 20 (FR)
23 (PD)
Date of Birth: July 9th
Height: 6'2" ft
Weapon: Soularma: Kentoshi Akumu "Blood Nightmare"
Rank: A
Personal Status
Relatives: Rue (Adopted Sibling)
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Simple Move List
Drive: Efialtis
Vince Soveta is a playable character and member in the Mobile unit of the Enforcers of the MOR. He holds the Soularma Kentoshi Akumu. He is the adoptive brother of Rue Soveta, and was personally sent out by the top to bring her and Kaemyn back to the first hierarchical city in Okoto.


Pre game appearenceEdit

He is a hardened soldier bred for combat, trained in many forms of it over the years. After he became the soldier and warrior the top of the MOR wanted, he was given one of the weapons lacking a core, and his soul was then tested through trials in a neighboring hierarchical city that forced him to kill others, and commit heinous acts until it no longer phased him, which refined it into what became the Soularma Akumu. The neighboring city was the first of many that the MOR would seize and this feat quickly moved Vince up the ranks. With one of the heads of the MOR deemed his soul potential to be "Blacker then night" that day, by that time Vince was void of most emotions aside his lust for violence. Using the scythe, the weapon that his soul was supposedly "fit" to have, he was able to do what they wanted and maximized his soul's potential to succeed Azure under certain cases. He was deemed the executioner when he began to kill for the sake of what he claims to be the MOR's cause to lead the world back into the hands of a controlled fate once again.

When Kaemyn broke out of the MOR in Okoto, and Rue Soveta was declared missing, he was ordered to lead the enforcers stationed in the current city to track both of them back down, which at the time he was busy with another raid. It was one of the few times he'd disobeyed an order and sent someone else to find him.

Material Collection InformationEdit

  • Hobby: None to speak of.
  • Values: Nothing except Akumu 
  • Likes: Causing havoc or discord, sight of blood
  • Dislikes: Humanity (Only under the influence of Akumu), anything he deems as "worthless or useless".


Incarnate Saga
Iconoclast Saga

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