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Vier Mercury
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Kana: フィア=マーキュリー
Rōmaji: Fia Mākyurī
Alias: Fourth Brave
Kana: 第4=ブレイブ
Rōmaji: Dai-Yon Bureibu
Gender: Male
Race: Wolfien
Age: 105 (actual age; KoB)
137 (actual age; QoB)
26 (physically)
Date of Birth: AD2096/12/31
Birthplace: ???
Height: 6'3" ft
Blood type: AB-
Rank: B
Personal Status
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Simple Move List
Drive: Archway
Timeline(s): King of Braves Timeline
Game(s): · Intertwined Fate
· Continuum Error
· Century's Aria
· Core's Will
· Calamity's Memories
Spin-off(s): Chrono Distortion
Vier Mercury is the Fourth Brave, who came to Kagutsuchi to find the King of Braves. He first appears in BlazBlue: Intertwined Fate.


Intertwined FateEdit

Continuum ErrorEdit

Chrono DistortionEdit

Century's AriaEdit

Core's WillEdit

Calamity's MemoriesEdit



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Musical ThemesEdit



Arcade Date(s) Arcade Title(s) Story Title(s) Infinite Memory(s) Game(s)
AD2201/04/16 chaser Retrieval N/A Intertwined Fate
AD2201/14/18 fourth brave Leonheart Vier's memory Continuum Error
AD????/??/?? drive Chase N/A Chrono Distortion
AD????/??/?? dieing Age N/A Century's Aria


  • Vier is German for the number Four.


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