BlazBlue: Control Sequence is an anime set in a alternate reality spurred off the failure to defeat the original control mechanism that upholds order, the NOL, and is set in a futuristic setting of the BlazBlue world in 2400AD.

The NOL has ascended to new power completing a system successor to Takamagahara which controls even the Azure. After events known as the Third War of Armagus it has become the essential god of this world, resulting in it becoming, unbeknownst to any, mind controlled and spurred the name shift of its creators to NOS—Novus Orbus Sequentia. (New World Sequence) who claim to be bettering the world for humanity and creating a one true world of peace.

The story line primarily follows Nex's endeavors to destroy the system and in turn collapse the world following his fight against the new system, however the world bathed in war and lies, not everything is as it seems.

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