Mostly because I feel like ranting, and partially because I feel this needs to be said... Always remember to be a fan, and not a fanboy or fangirl, why? Because the moment you become the later you're locking yourself off, and the franchise or whatever it is you enjoy from criticism. Which in its own right is just downright irksome, though that doesn't mean you have to accept what is being said, you should assess what the complaints are, and you just might find you agree with them in some aspects. Always see things for what they are, what they can improve on, what they did wrong, what they did right. All these things is what makes you a fan. You take the time to love and enjoy a medium that lets you express yourself, surely it can do no wrong right? Wrong! Nothing is above making mistakes everything will have faults and positives, just make sure you aren't condemning others for pointing these out. You want the best for your favorite IPs right? Then criticize the fuck out of it, show that while you enjoy it, you feel that can improve on certain things.

Without going on too much longer or for whatever reason, just note... No one should be attacked for what they write, what they do in their spare times. Whether they write fanfiction of something they love, or whether they draw obscene and perverse material about the things you love. There are multiple ways of expressing oneself and their love for things, at the same time people all have different artstyles, writing styles, etc. So don't go on and say this is shit because it doesn't look the same from the show, all in all, let fans be fans, but don't cross the line into being a SJW or an Extremist asinine bastard.

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