On this day 6 years ago, BlazBlue Calamity Trigger was released. So, today is a great day not only for this wikia, but for all BlazBlue fans. To think I started playing BlazBlue in 2011, then I devoted almost all my time for it, playing that whole year in BBCS and BBCSE next year. It is really something I have to say, hard to believe I spent so many hours in BBCS just grinding it out, improving myself until i've reached a decent basic level. Though I still lose from time to time, I learned how to accept loses for the betterment of myself. I still cannot believe how sentimental this makes me. Not only that, but BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend is out today. Meaning that BlazBlue is yet again on its way towards the next game, when that'll happen we won't know, but people say next year, but who really knows? It took forever for the transition of BBCSE to BBCP. Two years of nothing new, just waiting for the western audience, then BlazBlue CP was announced at evo... I lost my mind at the thought of a continuation of BBCS's story. Alas I won't speak ill of BlazBlue today, instead i'll just be happy that it has been several great years of my life playing BlazBlue.

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