-sigh- How do you tell your friend that you want to go solo on a project?

You're the one who came up with the whole concept behind it, and you only wanted to work on it alone but your friend who then sees this wants to join in and "lend a hand", but when in all reality, they're just making it more difficult for you to bring you're creations to life. How do you let them know, without hurting their feelings, that you just want to do this by yourself?

Sure they made a character or two, but that just adds more complications to your initial thoughts on what you have created, forcing you to alter them in order to fit your friends character(s) in with it.

They think they are helping when they are actually straining you, making you constantly change with what the have. Then you check on their character(s) and see that they made them (in your eyes) OP. You tell them this but they counteract it with an explanation that makes sense, so you let them keep it that way, but you secretly want to change it to make it more balanced

Once again you find out your friend has made changes, which forces you to make changes, and all you want to do is tell them to stop... but you cant because they are your friend and you don't want to upset them.

If it isn't totally noticable, thats how I'm feeling about my creation of the Azure Cores, and my friend seeing them and deciding that he wants in.

(Sorry for ranting)

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