This is a public announcement from Mister Category (aka CarlosIXA aka Carlos aka that one guy aka that one guy whos off doing everything but editing at this wiki aka that guy whos waiting for Verse 3) about Categories.

In about last summer, I tried to organize the categories into one category, but there was too many categories on the previous wiki we used to store our ideas and thoughts (aka BlazBlue Fanon Wiki aka private wiki disguised as a public one number 16) that I basically did the job halfway because I can't keep track off everything. Now that we have this new wiki, I thought my job would be made 99% more easier, but I decided to relax from BlazBlue when my ideas got nuked with 2 billion tactical missiles and go back to Gundam Fanon. Now that I'm deciding to finally get this crap done already, I find myself in the same position of trying to keep track of categories. And my system is being misunderstood by someone TRYING to be Mister Category 2.0 (aka ██████████) and I have to try and recover it to it's original splendor when I thought it up. So, I'll be trying to do that job again (aka abuse the aka acronym), but because I haven't kept track of everything because I was elsewhere for the longest time (aka ██████████ Fanon Wiki), I don't know where the hidden stuff is unless I put the entire wiki upside down like I was trying to look for change in my couch. So, I would like for your help in two ways:

  1. Please find these things with me. I'd rather not spend all the time I'm actually awake in the day trying to organize everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. And:
  2. Please, when making a new category for a page, go immediately to said category and add it to Category:Categories. If you don't, my job becomes a hundred times harder and those random categories become lost in time and space (aka the black hole aka the void aka the very very dark place in the corner to the right).

Thank you, this has been a public announcement from Mister Category (aka Mister Weaboo aka Mister Beam Spam Hater aka Mister Atom Heart Mother aka god this is silly).

EDIT: This is more of an address to a problem that's going on with our chat. I've tried to check how long the chat stays on before it just disconnects. I basically typed in a dot every known nanosecond. It only took 14 dots for it to go tits up and just stop operating. Boy, do we have a chat that's advanced and perfect as f*ck har har.

EDIT2: Same message to tell you my progress on testing chat. Took only two dots for it to stop working like my laptop's processor when I want to change to anything from the desktop after 20 hours.

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