To everyone who was offline during the problem:

As of right now (9/4/14), the chat is turned off until it's fixed. For those who don't know why, here's why: the chat is glitching to the point where we now have merging. What that means is that users were actually switching places with their accounts. I know this happened to Mega and Ren, while I just got a massive amount of lag. However, I got this while on the chat of our wiki, which merged with MLP Wiki. 
Snapshot 2014-09-04 18-59-07

EDIT: I've decided to turn on the chat every day to test if the server problems are over.

EDIT2: The chat's normal... For now...

UPDATE: Our chat's in the frizts again (as of 11/2/14). They're merging again, but I won't be closing down the chat unless it persists into tomorrow.

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