• BlackRoseIXA

    Wikia Break-in

    August 10, 2015 by BlackRoseIXA

    So, as you can see, a lot the coding, images, and many other stuff that our wonderful .js pages is gone. This is because some person decided to cause some havoc on some of the other wikis. Because of this, the Wikia staff have taken drastic measures to try and improve the security of the wikis, which included turning off all custom .js and on every wiki.

    For full details, please check the announcement from one of the Wikia staff. (1)

    EDIT: Well, fuck me, then. As soon as I post this, the .css is back up. .js coding is probably going to make more time, though.

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  • BlackRoseIXA


    September 4, 2014 by BlackRoseIXA

    To everyone who was offline during the problem:

    As of right now (9/4/14), the chat is turned off until it's fixed. For those who don't know why, here's why: the chat is glitching to the point where we now have merging. What that means is that users were actually switching places with their accounts. I know this happened to Mega and Ren, while I just got a massive amount of lag. However, I got this while on the chat of our wiki, which merged with MLP Wiki. 

    EDIT: I've decided to turn on the chat every day to test if the server problems are over.

    EDIT2: The chat's normal... For now...

    UPDATE: Our chat's in the frizts again (as of 11/2/14). They're merging again, but I won't be closing down the chat unless it persists into tomorrow.

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  • BlackRoseIXA

    This is a public announcement from Mister Category (aka CarlosIXA aka Carlos aka that one guy aka that one guy whos off doing everything but editing at this wiki aka that guy whos waiting for Verse 3) about Categories.

    In about last summer, I tried to organize the categories into one category, but there was too many categories on the previous wiki we used to store our ideas and thoughts (aka BlazBlue Fanon Wiki aka private wiki disguised as a public one number 16) that I basically did the job halfway because I can't keep track off everything. Now that we have this new wiki, I thought my job would be made 99% more easier, but I decided to relax from BlazBlue when my ideas got nuked with 2 billion tactical missiles and go back to Gundam Fanon…

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