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Unhuman Break

Owner: Lilin
Ike Ceres
Torikage Sol
Ake Venus
Cain Jupiter
Jacob Mars
Rikai Uranus
Subaru Saturn
Akane Neptune
Form: Crimson Crystal
Energy Source: Owner's blood supply
Type: Ars Armagus

Unhuman Break is an Ars Armagus that is capable of using its user's own blood supply as a weapon. It is featured in the King of Braves Saga.


Unhuman Break is an Ars Armagus of unknown origin or maker. All that is known is that there is a large abundance of Unhuman Breaks located underneath what would become the 31st Hierarchical City of Exisua. They would sit still there for 50 years, undisturbed until 2201AD. Ike Ceres would end up appearing in the cave system where all of these weapons were located. He marveled at the sight before his body began to experience shock. He fell over one of the Unhuman Breaks, stabbing it straight through his body. Instead of dying, the Ars embedded itself into his chest and gave him control over its abilities.

The next known thing Ike did with the weapon was cause the event known as Second Impact to occur on top of Exisua, killing virtually every inhabitant except for two; Ike Luna and Torikage Sol. He accidentally gave Torikage an Unhuman Break before intentionally giving Luna one.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit