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Two (Saint)
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Alias: Two
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 26
Hobbies: Playing Speed Chess
Creating objects from scrap material
Values: Progress
Likes: Risk
Creating useful things
Fine Dining
Dislikes: Complancency
Meek people
Messy Tables
Personal Status
Status: Alive (In Reality 0)
Unknown (Currently)
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Mage's Guild (EvoBlaze)
Department: Society of Blue Order
Position: Saint
Partner: Steneur Keamen
Simple Move List
Drive: Altered Drive: Obsidian Abyss
Anime(s): Reality 0: Embryo Sequence
Two is one of the Ten Saints who occupies Ishana. He doesn’t appear often, but works with the Novus Orbis Sequentia as an advocate of the Society of Blue Order and Mage's Guild. His colleague is another Saint who is known as Steneur.


Little is known about Two. He was around during the struggle with the Boundary before the Izanagi Agency came into existence a few years later. He strives to bring everyone in the Blue Society to their utmost potential. He's actually known his colleague Six since before the Agency was around.


Two wears a black metallic headpiece over his eyes and part of his forehead, the edges curve upward and it has violet markings on portions of it. His attire consists of a sorcerer’s dark violet garb closing around most of his body chest down, opening only at his waistline. The second part of it with the hood merging with the collar lays over the length of his shoulders and runs downward acting like a cloak. Decorating parts of the outfit are black markings, along with a crest of the agency on its back. Below his neck is a metal band that wraps around his chest and behind his shoulders, leading into two tails that lay freely. His sleeves run thick and open up at his wrists leading into gloves that cover his hands. Covering his legs are thin black pants which end into his steel toed boots.

Under his sorcerer’s garb is some kind of dress uniform, but he’s rarely seen without his outfit.


He isn’t one to care for petty things but doesn’t seem to bear any ill will toward anyone. However, there is a demanding air about him and a commanding vibe.

He will however, become extremely passionate and emotional about his ambitions for the Society and mankind. He has an air of charisma about him, and seeks challenge every step of the way. The fact he isn't afraid of anything makes him an exceptional leader. He can't stand when individuals become complacent, refusing to push themselves to achieve their desire, and he has very little sympathy for laziness. 

On the field of battle when he’s practicing his skills with magic, he becomes quite ruthless.

He's actually very calm when left by himself to work, and ever since he was young he's enjoyed creating objects and devices from old scrap materials and messing with them with magic. His spirit of creativity and brilliance inspires a lot of others.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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