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Twilight Grimoire

Owner: Kiba Soavate
Blue Soavate
Type: Tool

The Twilight Grimoire was a tool that was brought into existence immediately after the death of Vieral 16 at the hands of Serhirn. It taps into a powerful energy source known as the Twilight (an energy only found in the Multiverse). It is featured prominently in the King of Braves Saga.


The first Twilight Grimoire was created as a sudden reaction to a Twilight generator, Vieral 16, being violently killed. It latched itself to the nearest living thing that it could fit—Kiba 26.

Owners of the Twilight GrimoireEdit

  • Kiba Soavate - First Twilight Grimoire (artificially produced; broken)
  • Blue Soavate - Second Twilight Grimoire (naturally produced; active)



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