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Tokori in her usual school outfit.
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Eyes: Green
Hair: Sky Blue
Personal Status
Status: Active

Tokori is a student learning to be a doctor.


At some point before her first appearance in The Strands of Fate, Tokori decided to study to become a doctor. She also met Akiko, who she currently interns under.

The Strands of FateEdit

Tokori was introduced managing the hospital's library. Tokori seemed to only help Miwa only because she was the person Akiko was taking care of. What she does outside of the library is not currently known.


Tokori generally gives off an uninterested vibe towards those around her. She doesn't care much for the world around her.


Tokori generally wears her school outfit. When she can get away with it, she'll replace the shirt underneath with a regular T-shirt. Though if she can't, she sticks to the usual school outfit. This usually consists of a sky-blue skirt, a black vest, and a white collared button-down shirt. She wears a headband to keep her hair in place. She wears heels to make herself look dignified.