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Name: Tokatsu
Alias: Frigid Ice Wanderer (by Ventus)
Gender: Male
Race: Fox Beastkin
Age: 20 (Fateful Element)
Birthplace: 22nd city of Mizuha
Height: 121 inches
Blood type: O-
Personal Status
Relatives: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Status: Active
Material Collection Information
English Voice: Todd Haberkorn

Tokatsu is one of five secondary Protagonists in BlazBlue: Fateful Element. He is the third of the five that Matt meets in his training in Mizuha.

Information Edit

Prior to Fateful ElementEdit

It was implied that before joining Flamme that Tokatsu was working alone, with occasional help from Catriona Matsumoto.

Fateful ElementEdit

to be written

Material CollectionEdit

  • Hobbies: Reading
  • Values: His fellow beastkin, Flamme
  • Likes: Swift punishment
  • Dislikes: Humans

Personality Edit

Tokatsu could be described as a frigid individual at first glance. Callous, abrasive against humanity, and willing to try and stab them at a moment's notice. He also has a side of dedication in fighting. Despite his frozen facade he can be seen as a carefree and friendly fox. He finds Elettrico's teasing of Flamme annoying, but is unable to deny the fact that the two were quite close.

Appearance Edit

Tokatsu wears a mixe of Light blue and black, wearing a black dress shirt and black jeans. He wears a blue overcoat to compliment his hair, ears, and tail. His ears and tail are messy and quite bushy. He has red piercing eyes under a pair of blue-tinted glasses. Wearing blue gloves, which are clothing based ars magus.

Powers and Abilities Edit

From what is known of Tokatsu so far in Fateful; Element, he wields a rare type of ars magus which is embued with his gloves. Giving him the power of ice. Assuming this, he has a style akin to a boxer. Rarely using kicks he always sticks to his fists, as well as momentum in the battlefield. With near spot-on dodging and accuracy in his strikes

Musical Themes Edit

Stages Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Tokatsu's weapon is based off the concept of 'Dust-weaved clothing' in the internet series RWBY.

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