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Name: Theatre
Alias: Shadow Performer
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: ???
Date of Birth: April 14th
Height: 6'2
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Killing
Likes: Stage Plays
Dislikes: "Unpure one's"
Weapon: Dual Bladed Sword: Décès and Argent
Personal Status
Status: Alive
Affiliation Status
Simple Move List
Drive: Duet
Timeline(s): EvoBlaze (Series)

Theatre is a masked killer who roams the night killing anyone in his personal path toward a "world of purity". He is set to appear in Control Sequence.


Theatre wears a black smiling theater mask. He also wears a sort black assassin robe, accompanied by a black cape and a black pimp hat. No one has seen (or lived to see) his true face, but if they look closely through his mask they can see the dark red eyes staring at them.


Theatre bears a very dark persona. He is a cold, poetic, menacing, cunning, and even manipulative being. He uses his victim's past against them to either kill them or do something worse. Everyone that he pass he thinks are "Unpure" and must ascend to their true selves—by killing them. He shows no remorse or mercy and doesn't join anyone unless he is persuaded with something specific. But there are very few people he considers "Pure", one example is Nex, and he wants test him to see if he is. Though even with all these traits, he doesn't think of himself as "evil" or "good" just his own persona.

But when he was a kid, he was an innocent boy until his father came along.



When he was a boy, Theatre loved plays, poetry, and anything involved with it. His mother cared for him and loved him, but his father was a different story. He beat him, yelled at him, locked him up in the basement without food or water for days, all because his father liked it. Then one day his parents argued and it ended with his mother getting shot in the head by his father. Everything snapped in Theatre that day. He then grabbed a kitchen knife and swiftly killed his father. Due to this, he considers everyone "Unpure" and seeks out to "Purify" them as he did with his father. Since he was grown to the theater, he decided to put on a mask to create a new persona for himself.

What was once an abused innocent boy is now replaced with a cold, menacing killer, Theatre.

​Trivia Edit

Theatre's birth date is actually the day when President Lincoln got assassinated.