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The Strands of Fate

Episodes: 52 (Total) 24 (Posted)
Running Time: 23 Minutes per Episode
Opening: "Juujika no Spread" by Nana Mizuki (Episodes 1-12)

"RAIN" by SID (Episodes 13-24)
"Are We There Yet?" by BlackGryph0n & Baasik (Episodes 25-52)

Ending: "Twinkle Days" by Hatsune Miku (Episodes 1-12)

"Magic" by Coldplay (Episodes 13-24)
"Palette" by Megurine Luka (Episodes 25-47, 52)
"LIE" by Megurine Luka (Episode 48-51)

Premiere Date: September 21st, 2013

May 30th, 2014 (On Temporary Hiatus)
Sept 8th, 2014 (Returned)

The Strands Of Fate is an anime that follows Miwa's adventures before Chrono Distortion.


Turning back the clock to the time before Chrono Distortion, this anime follows Miwa's adventures when she lived with her mother and began her search for her father.


Volume 1Edit

Volume 2Edit

Volume 3Edit

  • Episode 25: Heading Out (Coming Soon)
  • Episode 26: Bounty
  • Episode 27: A Relaxing Moment
  • Episode 28: Travelling to Kagutsuchi
  • Episode 29: Hunters
  • Episode 30: By the Bonfire
  • Episode 31: Bread Crumbs
  • Episode 32: Tracked Down
  • Episode 33: Avoidance
  • Episode 34: Calming Winds
  • Episode 35: Can't Sleep
  • Episode 36: Target
  • Episode 37: Talk To Me
  • Episode 38: Lack of Faith

Volume 4Edit

  • Episode 39: Renewal
  • Episode 40: Take a Swim
  • Episode 41: Checkered Past
  • Episode 42: Checking In
  • Episode 43: The Same Boat
  • Episode 44: And You?
  • Episode 45: Remove Emotions
  • Episode 46: Captured
  • Episode 47: Judas' Contract
  • Episode 48: Baited Trap
  • Episode 49: Lies
  • Episode 50: Paid In Full
  • Episode 51: End of The Hunt
  • Episode 52: Separate Ways

Cast (Currently)Edit

  • Miwa Suzuki - Aiming to get into the NOL Academy, Miwa is living peacefully with her mother.
  • Kiyoko Itou - A beastkin from an unknown place, Kiyoko seems to like Miwa for her innocence.
    • First Appearance: Episode 1 The Distant Winds
  • Akiko Itou - The Mother of Kiyoko, one of the prestigious Doctors of a certain hospital. She was adopted by Mila's family.
  • Tokori - A librarian, part-time, for the hospital, studying under Akiko.
  • Nicholas Showa - Yukiko's (And now Miwa's) Lawyer, and one who worked with Akiko as part of his cases in the past.
    • First Appearance: Episode 8 Ticking Clock
  • Mila - Mentioned by Akiko, one of the other doctors she works with. She showed up at Akiko's home with information and is Akiko's superior. She helped Akiko get her start at the hospital.

Characters that will no longer appearEdit


Openings, Endings, InsertsEdit

Title Description
"Juujika no Spread" by Nana Mizuki Opening for episodes 1 through 12
"RAIN" by SID Opening for episodes 13 through 24
"Are We There Yet" by BlackGryph0n & Baasik Opening for episodes 25 through 52
"Twinkle Days" by Hatsune Miku Ending for episodes 1 through 12
"Magic" by Coldplay Ending for episodes 13 through 24
"Palette" by Megurine Luka Ending for episodes 25 through 48, and 52
"LIE" by Megurine Luka Ending for episodes 48 through 51 and Insert

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