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The Branch are a group of people that are after Alexandria. They are a group of twenty people strong. After the collapse of the NOL, and the sudden gain of power of the MOR, The Branch became a group of people to show that the strength of the NOL was still very powerful. Using remnants of the NOL, they plan to steal Alexandria and force her to become a murakumo, much in the same vein as Noel Vermillion. They are the main antagonists of A and K.

These are the following members of the branch that have been revealed so far in the series.

  • 6: TBA
  • 7: TBA
  • 8: TBA
  • 9: Saki - A former buddy of Kei's during the war, she's a former women's fighter, and uses boxing gloves.
  • 10: Kazuhiro - Was a former buddy of Kei's during the war, reappeared years later wanting to claim Alexandria for the Branch, he fell to his death in during Kei and Kazuhiro's fight.
  • 11: Kana - Was using her position to track down the people behind her parent's killing. Helped defeat Kira Kotagawa after he revealed he had ordered the hit. She now lives in peace with Rin, Karin, Saori, and Josh. Defected.
  • 12: Akio - Former boss of Takumi and Sadao. Fought Yuka to a stalemate before using a technique to bind his and Mai's life force. Mai used his own technique against him, and after removing the technique, was promptly killed by Mai.
  • 13: Takumi - Former 'goon' of Akio's, he was promptly killed by Mai.
  • 14: Sadao - Former 'goon' of Akio's, tried to take Rie hostage. Promptly killed by Yuka.
  • 15: Jiro - Lazy person who made half-hearted attempts at defeating Serenity and Kei. Defeated by Serenity and killed by her as well.
  • 16: Kon - Kidnapped Nicole, Killed Mitch, eventually lost to Kei and HJ. Died at HJ's hands to avoid prison.
  • 17: Rin - Manipulated by Kon to take the blame for killing Mitch, she was eventually vindicated when Nicole was freed by HJ and Nick. Defected.
  • 18: Isao - Manipulated by Kon in the same way as Rin. Did not want to see an innocent woman hurt. Defected.
  • 19: Michel - A psychotic member who became worse in his delusions in later chapter. Caring nothing for  human emotion, he does what he wants for the sake of what he calls 'fun'. He met his end fighting against Kei, as he fell into a vat of boiling lead.
  • 20: Aria - A hired gun to round out their numbers. When Aria went with her honor code over their group, she fled. However, she was tracked down and made a message to Kei. She now sides with Kei against the Branch.

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