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Wadatsumi is a city that fell victim to the "World Crisis" in the Third War of Ars magus. It's a city of the Taoreta Region with quite the history to it, but is a mere wasteland now with no apparent activity like the other Ruined Cities. On the outskirts, you can find independent towns that still have some people alive as they don't have anywhere else to go.


Due to its history in the Third War, it is still apparently heavily warded off by the power of the Amanohokosaka Clan and is evidently a direct way into the realm where the Abysmal Frontier is.

The only person able to go past this warding spell was Nex who ventured into the Abysmal Frontier by mistake while he was younger during a tour through the city. It can also be assumed Heilo Vashtor knew how to get in past the ward and sealing spells in the effort to save Nex and Cerea.

Separate from this is an unknown individual who would break the seal around the Gate to allow its awakening for an unclear purpose before these events and during the Wadatsumi incident.


Nex visited Wadatsumi's edge which led to Taoreta in his Origins story, it eventually led him to the Abysmal Frontier when he heard about the strange place from a soldier in the area. Wadatsumi, he has also been to the city apparently, alongside his caretaker Imyo, though Nex has no real recollection of this event.

Wadatsumi IncidentEdit

In the Alternate Sequence Scenario, Reaper's Road, Valetha explains an event in the past in which the sacred land and its Gate was accessed after it had been sealed by a Clan keeping the deadly spread of Corrosive Seithr back. The seal was broken apart by an unclear force, and Scientists, one of which was Valetha's father would take advantage of the awakening of the Gate and took a sample of its contents discovering its power and a younger Valetha eventually being exposed to it to create her current obsession over the The 'Red' in the Boundary.

Some time later the NOS would confiscate the object, and seal it away in Kagutsuchi which is a target that Nex is looking for in intentions to destroy it while it's still submerged inside the Boundary.

Important people from WadatsumiEdit


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