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Naobi is a city owned by the Novus Orbis Sequentia under the World Order Region. It was a city that was reoccupied by those in western Europe who lost their cities in the Third War of Armagus, becoming the base of operation for the Dark Glyph Squadron. As such it marks the last city in the Teikoku Region but is also one of the largest to accommodate for the migration.

Its partner city of Iwasu is run directly by Lukain, and it makes it some of the most impressive in military and warfare standings.

Its a city shared by the forces of Canada and Germany, both under the NOS. And its become the homeland of the azure wielding Brigadier of the NOS's World Militia Force, Siegfried Schtauffen.




  • 4th Branch of WoR - The city's main military branch. Its one of the largest in the WoR, entering is said to be near impossible.

Important people from NaobiEdit


  • It has the combined military strength of the USA, Canada and Germany. As such its a city recommended to be left alone. 
  • The Dark Glyph Squadron gets it's name from it's role as the shadow to the main "body" of the NOS, this being Lukain Necaros thus they serve under him acting as his shadow.

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