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Iwasu is a city of the Novus Orbis Sequentia under the World Order Region. Its a large city of great importance to the government because it houses the core operation of the military forces and the Research and Development District.

The city houses some of the most devastating members in the NOS's arsenal, including the Marshal. It's partners with Naobi, making the two cities the most powerful of the main region, their power is questioned by none.  It alone is responsible for the high tech and incredible developments and power the NOS enjoys, this fact is questioned by no one. And together with Naobi, its believed oftentimes it could become a sovereign region of its own.

Its the city under the absolute command of the Marshal of the NOS himself-- Lukain Necaros.




Underground LevelsEdit

  • Confidential Areas

Middle LevelsEdit

  • R&D Main District of Operations

Highest LevelEdit

  • 3rd Military Branch of the WoR - The strongest military branch in the NOS's aresenal, and the Marshals main base of operation. Combined with Naobi its bar none the most powerful force they have.

Important people connected to IwasuEdit


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