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Iwatsuchi is a part of the World Order Region and is the home of the Council Templar, and home of some of the members of the World Order Council itself. Its also the home of the Ministry and its underground area. The 0th Rune City of Izanagi is watched over and a close ally to Iwatsuchi. 


It's the home City of the Council Templar and the Ministry. Many people believe there's a lot hidden at its lowest levels which is guarded by a man named 'Exi'. Miwa Suzuki and Yumiko Nanaya went there to speak to Lazarith and they stayed there for a time in Verse 1.


Underground LevelsEdit

  • Confidential Areas

Middle LevelsEdit

  • The Ministry - A establishment named for its peaceful ways, its a sacred place that is difficult to gain access to from the outside.
  • Council Templar - The main hub for the milita force of the Ministry and Council.

Highest LevelEdit

  • Spire of the Overseers - The spot where the Marshal of the NOS goes to in order to speak with the Unknown 5, also called the Overseers.

Important people connected to IwatsuchiEdit

Novus Orbis SequentiaEdit

  • Kiel Angelo - Member of the Ministry
  • Lazarith - Associated with and works for
  • Nier - The Head of Council.
  • Exitius - Unknown connection, guards the underground levels of the Ministry


  • Cora LeClair - A girl who takes odd jobs for a meal, stays in the lower levels of the city to avoid all the noise.
  • Cerea Anderson 


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