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Yamatsumi is a city under the order of the World Order Region and was one to suffer an attack by Nex in Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence.

Nex destroyed several Azure Interface Primefield as well during the assault.


Nex came to Yamatsumi during his first planned assault on the NOS searching for a gate to begin his road. He found the gate and destroyed it to keep something from occurring and it causes a massive seithr over spill to consume many lives and render much of the city uninhabitable as it began to deal with Seithr Beings. The NOS dispatched several units to deal with the situation including their specially equipped units. It was where Nex earned his title of an SS-Rank Criminal and became a public enemy.

It was also the city Nex met his closest ally-- Sylar.


The Sub levelsEdit

  • The 17th Closed Gate - A gate which Nex forcibly opened and then destroyed causing the over-spill to consume part of the city.

Upper LevelsEdit

  • 17th Branch of Yamatsumi - The NOS's branch.

The 17th OutskirtEdit

The resulting effect of Nex's actions created this area, its now overrun with seithr.

Significant People connected to YamatsumiEdit


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