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Terra Shimizu
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Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 10 (As of A and K)
Date of Birth: 2213 (Official Date not known)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Personal Status
Relatives: Michel (Father)
Status: Active
Material Collection Information
Novel(s): A and K

Terra was a friend of Alexandria's, but betrayed her trust at her father's orders.


Not much is yet known about Terra's past before her first appearance in A and K.

A and KEdit

Terra's first appearance comes in chapter thirteen. She was being chased by two men. She eventually turned around and defeated both men with ease. The way she manipulated the earth led Kei to believe that the weapon she used was a Nox Nyctores, though this is unconfirmed. Alexandria seemed elated about having someone her own age. When learning of Terra's home situation, she invited her to stay at Kei's home. Shigure overruled Kei and let Terra stay, though Kei had some reservations about the idea.

Terra's next appearance comes in chapter seventeen, when she decides to take Alexandria into the forest. The two, however, get lost, which was what Terra wanted. This continued into the next chapter as Terra asked about the status of their friendship. Alexandria confirmed that they were fine. However, further along into the chapter, Alexandria pieces together the reason why Terra dragged her into the forest. She wanted to get Alexandria away from what was about to be a fight between Kei and Michel. Terra then revealed that Michel was, in fact, her father. Before leaving, she stated the next time they met, it would be as enemies.

After her father's death, she simply pointed Kei in the right direction and vanished afterwards.

She returned briefly, forcing Alexandria to think about her choices and whether Kei was simply using her. She returned again briefly, as Alexandria implored her to come with her, but the meeting was interrupted, and she fled again.


Terra was shown to be independent, as she stated that she had been living in a cave. She is a bit anti-social, preferring to be with Alexandria only and avoiding the others.


Terra has red hair and green eyes. She wears black jean shorts and sandals. She wears a red shirt with long sleeves but allows her stomach to be seen. She also wear fingerless gloves on her hands. She wears her tonfas at her hips.


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