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The Taoreta Region is a region exclusive to the EvoBlaze Series and is seen in Control Sequence and Genesis Destruction. It is also known as Fallen Ikaruga.

It was the site of the Third War of Armagus and the World Crisis. It is overseen by the government though closed off to most of the public due to the tendencies of criminal activity and inhabitable areas from high levels of very concentrated seithr. Its not uncommon to see masses of collected seithr in the area.

Taoreta is mostly inhabited by criminals who have found means to survive in the conditions, some are extremely dangerous which the Government doesn't even bother. Due to the high level of seithr it's possible to find Seithr Beings or beast-like creatures who feed on the seithr for power.

The Government is known to combat the corrosive particles of seithr from the gates and the air by collecting it into their Seithr Harvesting Facilities where it’s stored in Reactors.

Its most prominent landmark is the The Ruined Capital: Abysmal Frontier.


It was originally the region of Ikaruga-- however an event called a "World Crisis" occurred there and was suppressed by the government and its how they earned their titles as the "World Protectors". However the end result of it caused Taoreta to come into existence which is a region now infested by the most aggressive and abundant seithr due to the massive amounts of seithr over spills and Boundary use.


Main Taoreta RegionEdit


  • Taoreta is the remains of Ikaruga-- it's Japanese for "Fallen" and was renamed for the death that now rules its vicinity.

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