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Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 19
Weapon: Nox Nyctores Alexis
Rank: S
Personal Status
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
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Tabor was once an associate of Neikan, but now works under Ire as part of working with the MOR.


Tabor, from a young age, always was interested in science, robotics, and the like. He found Relius notes on making a Nox Nyctores, from when he did it with his own daughter and wife. He became infatuated with the notes, and wanted to make one of his own. However, people labeled him crazy and sociopath for wanting to carry on the legacy of Relius Clover. It wasn't until he learned about Alexis, Meifeng's older sister, that he decided to give it one last shot. She rejected him without a second thought. Angry, he resorted to underhanded tactics, and blackmailed her, and against her will, forced her to become his servant. Meifeng confronted him shortly afterwards, and attempted to kill him, but was unable to. Seeing the kind of hatred in her he liked, he 'allowed' her to live, and she ran away. Since then, he has remained quiet about his research. However, when he was contacted by Neikan, he found what he was doing interesting and decided to join him.

Black Azure Revival SagaEdit

During these games, Tabor helped Neikan in his goals. He helped manipulate Alexandria and helped temper a new Murakumo named Omega. Tabor did inevitably fight, however, feeling his mission was over, he retreated to fight another day, claiming the MOR would soon be in contact.

Iconoclast SagaEdit

Tabor has appeared in many different stories, attempting to bring out the negativity of subjects, especially Meifeng. His consistent prodding into their darkest days has had an increasingly negative impact. Thanks to Kaemyn inspiring him, Tabor brought back Relius Clover, and the murakumo, Nu. Tabor continues to move to help bring about more Unmeiken units, but to what end has not been known.


Tabor is methodical in his approach. He tries to drag up other's darkest secrets for his own entertainment and refine the soul for his experiments. If he finds no interest in the subject, he cares little about who they are. Those who do hold his interest, he will pursue. He tends to get bored easily, and prefers something to keep him entertained.


He wears a black cape behind him. He wears black pants and boots, and a red button down shirt tucked in. He wears a brown belt around his waist. He wears colored contacts instead of glasses, so its why his eyes appear in different colors depending on his mood. Alexis is always by his side, resembling Ignis, as it was from Relius notes. She wears a white outfit.


  • The Protege - Tabor's theme (X-matic)
  • Hate - Tabor vs Meifeng (Hated You From Hello - Downplay)
  • Don't Be Cruel! - Tabor vs Aiko


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