Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sylar's combat potentials and unique abilities. 

Abilities and Aesthetics Edit

Sylar is a genetically altered individual who has the appearance of a "demon". Something caused his arms to permanently shift appearance and become covered in a sleek organic formation of highly concentrated seithr and his hands became claws turning them into natural weapons. The appearance is natural however and fit to his body. He bolsters increased power, speed and endurance in similar fashion to Nex.  

Sylar is seen to be highly tolerant to seithr, having lived out in Taoreta for a good portion of his life. He has a very high aptitude with Ars in the way of the Boundary's negative forces. He converts normally deadly seithr and energy from the deepest depths of the Boundary into his own power. The ability manifests as a corrosive energy which is "White Darkness" a unofficial name over the ability that he holds to constantly generate negative force and this seithr into transmuted energy throughout his body and weapon—creating it into forms of jet-black lightning which inflict a deadly paralysis on the body via seithr. 

However, due to a lack of any limiter outside of Apollexon, this ability is known to be extremely unstable to both himself and anyone around him.

In Combat Edit

Sylar's combat capability is dependent on an ability to manipulate Seithr around him and absorb it for his attacks. His combat is the combination of using his weapon Apollexon and his manipulation over the Boundary's power with White Darkness, be it by wicked grapples and attacks from his claws, electric fields of corrosive energy, or the streams of concentrated pitch black lightning. He has a strong variety in range and potential in his moves—but he needs to build "Seithr Cells" with his drive Dark Cell first to access the most from his potential.  

Sylar relies heavily on pressure and aggression to get the cells he needs to bring continuous damage, and finishes with style if he can build it to max and unleash Apollexon's secondary form to obliterate his foe.  

Overdrive: Demonic Cell, will max out his seithr cells, and he'll have a continued access to his most deadly attacks and full access to Apollexon's form. It will also shift some of his specials. 

Drive: Dark Cell - Utilizing the powerful negative forces in his body seithr is turned into a source of power called a "Seithr Cell" which builds inside of him. The more Seithr Cells he has, the stronger his specials and distortions become. Over all it will increase to a max to temporarily unleash Apollexon's secondary form. Sylar gains cells over time, but can speed the process himself by inflicting continuous damage on his foe. Attacking won't cost him cells, but anytime Sylar takes damage however, or becomes too passive, he will lose cells. Apollexon will revert if his gauge falls too low as well.  

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