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Soularma are weapons that are designed from the users soul and will power, their power is based on this. Unlike Nox or Kaiser arma, a Soularma does not require soul energy to create, instead the weapon is made by the soul energy of its wielder with access to the Codex for refining purposes. Because of this, each Soularma is unique and its limit is only the soul potential of its wielder.

Despite this, it is not easy to wield a Soularma or create one, and only around a dozen or so have been made in the course of history even though they have been around since Fate's Authority themselves. They can be used as conduit for focus points of power as well. Each one creates a massive energy field, this energy can then be manipulated by its wielder, once the wielder's soul energy is drained however, these weapons become completely useless.

The MOR is currently the only ones believed to be able to create the Soularma.

They are not good or evil weapons, seeing that they were created by their user's soul, and therefore are as good or bad as their wielder wants them to be, and they will change with their wielders soul, some even are believed to have multiple forms.

Known SoularmaEdit


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