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Power and AbilitiesEdit

Siegfried is an excellent fighter capable of holding his own using both sword and martial arts. His preferred way of fighting is with his sword Igneus a heavy longsword used a medium for his Azure power. Another notable fact is he lacks a release sequence for his Azure power thus it doesn't channel through the weapon well. Due to having fallen into a cauldron it awakened his power of Azure, while lacking control due to his unstable emotions and fragile personality as a kid he couldn't manually control the azure well at all.

As the years past his Azure began to react to his personality change as well being more tame instead of raw and uncontrolled. While lacking a proper form of release for his Azure his weapon Igneus acts as a surrogate for this ability. While his personality more mature and collected it still acts as a limiter for his potential and abilities in a way so to speak. Another reason is the improper flow between his sword and his latent Azure abilities which are significantly stronger than his father's despite his lack of knowledge of him.

Despite his significantly weaker control over Igenus like his father had, he is still a quite capable fighter. Able to easily hold his own against Nex to some degree. His main way of fighting is by controlling and channeling his Azure energy into his sword. By channeling the power into Igenus's blade he can either send out massive waves of flames or simply cause a very destructive fiery explosion. Not only can he send out waves of fire or just cause an explosion, but he can also attack with fire infused attacks making him a very formidable mid-range attacker by leaving the Azure energy onto the blade it extends the range of his attacks.

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