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Name: Siege
Birth Name: Unknown
Alias: The Azure Knight
Gender: Male
Race: Human(Formerly) Unknown(Current)
Age: Unknown(Ageless)
Date of Birth: January 1st
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 208cm (6'9.9" ft)
Weight: 155kg (341.7 lbs)
Blood type: O
Values: Order
Likes: Solitude
Dislikes: Weaklings
Being disturbed
False Hopes
Weapon: Unknown Weapon
Rank: SS
Personal Status
Relatives: Unknown
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Simple Move List
Drive: Outline
Overdrive: Impression
Siege is the current possessor/owner of the Susano'o unit.




Like Hakumen he follows a rather unique blend of cyborg and samurai. He wears semi-heavy blue armor and a muscular body suit with a large collar and the traditional hakama blue colored present, ballooning pants common in samurai. He has long azure energy-esque hair is which interweaves and falls at least to his legs. All armored sections feature fully-functional red eyes with slit pupils.


Siege is an oddity of sorts valuing Justice and Order over everything else even his own safety. Thus he will do everything in his power and capabilities to maintain it as such. Coming off as a bit arrogant and proud, and is willing to do anything possible to win. Although he is quite capable a staying level headed and in control. Despite this he's quite friendly to those he doesn't view as an obstacle in his path, and maintains a bit of sarcasm and humor. He has a tendency to compare things and people in archaic manners to further his point.


Control Sequence Siegfried Schtauffen · Albrecht Schtauffen · Edmund Reinhardt
Iconoclast Saga Kazuya Minegishi
BlazBlue: Dawn of The Moon Alrick Kaiser
Unused Siege

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