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Shinjo Fuzuki
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Birth Name: Shinjo Fuzuki
Alias: Colonel
The Reaver
Kanji: 大佐
Rōmaji: Taisa
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 27
Date of Birth: June 21
Birthplace: The 3rd Hierarchical City of Naobi
Height: 6'1" ft
Weight: 170 lbs
Hobbies: Studying martial arts
Values: His family
Likes: Peace, pasta
Dislikes: Seafood
Weapon: Bamboo cane
Personal Status
Relatives: Unnamed wife
Unnamed daughter
Education: Military Academy (Graduate)
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Simple Move List
Drive: Royal Strike
Overdrive: Nobility
Distortion Drives: Ravager
Tiger Sword
Astral Heat: True Blade
Japanese Voice: Katsuyuki Konishi
English Voice: Robin Atkin Downes
Shinjo Fuzuki is a Colonel of the MOR and a playable character in Iconoclast Saga.


Pre Game AppearanceEdit

Shinjo was born into a noble family. Since the childhood he was trained in various forms of swordsmanship and learned about philosophy and history. When he was twelve years old, his parents sent him to the Military Academy where he met his future wife. He excelled in all subjects and disciplines and graduated with exceptional recommendations. Shortly after his graduation he married his sweetheart, and their daughter was born a year later. He became a Major and a leader of the Spec Ops unit. In several years he and his squad have accomplished many important missions and Shinjo rose to the rank of Colonel. But one day his unit has failed their mission, and Shinjo was seriously injured. He thought that he won't be able to use his legs after this, but after that he returned to the HQ on his feet. Everybody called this a "miracle" and Shinjo never told anyone about what happened there.

Personality Edit

Shinjo is a perfect example of a true nobleman: smart, handsome and ready to fight until the very end. He is extremely selfless and courageous, as he is ready to save his comrades even in the most dire situations. The most important value for him is his family and he will protect them even at the cost of his life. He is also shown to be merciful, as he can spare his opponents and help them sometimes.


Shinjo is a young-man in his mid-twenties with blue eyes and shoulder-length ash blond hair. He wears a medium-sized white shirt, and over it he wears a long red coat with a long belt that he can use in battle. Shinjo wears black pants and standart-issue MOR black military boots with steel toes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shinjo is an exceptional swordsman. He can use various types of weapons, but his most trusted weapon is his bamboo cane that is harder than steel. He is also shown to be very agile, however his injured knees limit his movement. Shinjo is a good strategist, as he created most of the tactics used by his Spec Ops squad.

Musical ThemesEdit

  • A Noble Soul - Shinjo's Theme


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