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Name: Shigure
Gender: Female
Race: Beastkin (Dog)
Personal Status
Material Collection Information
Move List
Recruit Requirement: Character must be recruit Kei, Shigure comes along on her own with him.
Game(s): BlazBlue: Distorted Sequence

Shigure is a recruitable character in BlazBlue: Distorted Sequence and a primary character to the Azure Generations Plotline

Basic InformationEdit

  • Basic Stats
    • Strength: D
    • Heat: A
    • Speed: A
    • Defense: C
  • Misc:
    • Affinity: Elemental (Electric)
    • Weakness: Elemental (Wind)
    • Range: Short Range or Far Range
    • Level Rate: High
    • Difficulty Playing: Low


Team DistortionsEdit

  • Right By Your Side: (Note: Requires Kei in the battle) Kei attacks with his weapon to cause between one and two hundred points at random, that same number is what Kei is then healed by.


  • Heal: Heals allies by 10% of max HP
    • Base Skill
  • Electric: Attacks a single opponent with a weak electric shock
    • Base Skill
  • Forced Heal: Shigure takes a turn to heal a single ally. Shigure's two turn movement is negated. Heals a single ally by 50%
    • Level Acquired: 10
  • Be Careful: Casts an anti-attack skill that turns all attacks to zero for one ally for a period of two turns.
    • Level Acquired: 15
  • I Can Fight: Shigure's two turn movement is negated. Shigure attacks a single opponent with a medium electric shock
    • Level Acquired: 25
  • Full Heal: Shigure's two turn movement is negated. Shigure fully heals one ally. One turn cooldown.
    • Level Acquired: 30
  • Don't Touch Me: Shigure's two turn movement is negated. Shigure attacks a single opponent with a strong electric shock, with a random change for paralysis. If paralysis is inflicted, this lasts two turns.
    • Level Acquired: 40

Detailed TraitsEdit

Unique TraitsEdit

  • Don't Leave Me: (Note: Requires Kei) As long as Kei is within one square of Shigure, Shigure will heal Kei by 10% of his max HP every turn.
  • How Could You?: If Shigure is not around an ally when attacked, she will heal half of what the attack's damaged was to her.

General TraitsEdit

  • Full Health: As long as Shigure has full health, her attacks do double their usual damage.
  • Cautious: Shigure gets two chances to move a turn



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