Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Aesthetics and Abilities Edit

Selenes abilities have yet to be seen in Control Sequence.

In Combat Edit

Although Selene is capable of fighting on her own with quick attacks and tricky maneuvers, her true potential shines when she utilizes their drive Bond to team up with Edmund and combine their attacks. 

Drive: Bond - Bond is a drive that is shared between Selene and Edmund Reinhardt. When active Bond connects the two together and brings them out to fight their enemy side by side. When Bond is active they can combine their elemental specials and distortions for various effects to give them the potential to deal greater damage then most other characters. However, when active, Bond's gauge lowers over time and depletes even faster with the use of their combination moves. When Bond runs out the two must swap places with the other and the gauge must fill up again before Edmund/Selene can team up again. When Edmund/Selene aren't fighting, Bond becomes a special protective field that prevents any damage to the idle partner. 

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