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Name: Selene
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 22
Date of Birth: April 2nd
Birthplace: The 2nd Hierarchical City of Iwatsuchi (Control Sequence)
Height: 5'10
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Training
Values: Her family and Edmund Reinhardt
Likes: Training with Edmund
Dislikes: in JUSTICE
Weapon: Ignitus Gledia
Personal Status
Relatives: Unknown deceased brother

Unnamed Mother and Father

Status: Alive
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Unknown form of Resistance
Position: Unknown
Partner: Edmund Reinhardt
Simple Move List
Drive: Bond
Anime(s): Control Sequence

Selene is an upcoming character in Control Sequence. She's the partner of Edmund Reinhardt. They appear to be unaffiliated and their actions are shrouded in a deep fog of mystery.

Character InformationEdit

Basic InfoEdit

Selene is an individual who is unaffiliated, coming from a city claimed to be free of order from any of the governments. She became Edmund's Partner shortly after he woke up after a large fight with the NOS in the city and she’s been helping Edmund ever since following him and helping him on his road to fight for a better world, a cause they claim is hardly dead at all. All the same, she's helping Edmund on his own quest to find out how to relieve his soul of the need of some kind of "Redemption". She and his actions tend to be somewhat secretive as they work to stop the unknown forces in specific such as Zaezel and illegal groupings which harm the world.

Selene is a gentle soul but isn't afraid to fight either and her intentions are pure. She had a brother who was killed in an invasion by the NOS, but she tries not to hold any grudges.



Selene has light blue eyes and light blue hair.

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