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The Seithr Control System is the NOS’ maintenance system on the Seithr, and how they protect mankind from the deadly concentration of the Seithr irregularity called Black Corrosion.


Its main purpose is to absorb deadly amounts of the substance that is corrosive and automatically regulates the amounts in the atmosphere, providing a barrier around the cities.

SCS systems are controlled by an object within that attracts the Seithr. It appears to be a part of a much larger design, being connected to the Boundary, where this Seithr is released.

Smaller terminals are within laboratory branches where the system can be accessed. Because SCS are integrated with Cauldrons, it prevents the creations and weapons from absorbing too much Seithr, which kept them maintainable.


In the Third WarEdit

During the Third War, the Seithr Control System was part of a larger maintenance system on the Boundary and possibilities. By unknown cause it failed along with the larger system, resulting in the Cauldrons releasing energy and their Seithr simultaneously.

Rebellion SequenceEdit

Nex broke the SCS in Yamatsumi that was connected to a Cauldron, resulting in the substance spilling out of the Gate and killing many due to the failure of the barrier.