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What seem like miniature Black Beasts which take various forms, the Seithr Beasts are a byproduct of the revival of the Black Beast and, by extension, the Drought. They are a concept exclusive to Genesis Catastrophe.


The Seithr Beasts are made of concentrated black Seithr, which resembles this black goo, and can take on many forms and sizes. However, unlike the being which they spawned from, the Seithr Beasts cannot reach the size of the Black Beast.

They emerge when the Seithr in the air ends up condensing into a more solid form.

It always seems that all they wish to do is cause chaos for the living beings on the planet, and search for something called "the Azure".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a generalization of their abilities, they have no real refined form. Some can take the shape of a small creature with blades, others are capable of taking the shape of a giant monster, and many other forms.


  • The initial inspiration for the Seithr Beasts comes from Arakune.