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Name: Sasora
Gender: Female
Race: Beastkin (scorpion)
Age: 20
Height: 5'10" ft
7'11" ft (counting stinger)
Weight: 160 lbs
Blood type: A
Values: Chaos, negativity
Likes: Opera
Dislikes: Good
Weapon: Her Stinger
Rank: B
Personal Status
Relatives: Unknown
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Liberation Sector
Position: Unknown
Partner: None
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Sasora is a young woman and a scorpion beastkin who is an upcoming character in Control Sequence. She is within the Liberation Sector and is best known for the art of poison, as well as torture. 




At the first glance, Sasora seems like a normal young woman, aside the scorpion tail. The tail is hidden at first through magic. Once a conversation starts it quickly becomes apparent that she's completely and utterly insane and obsessive over certain things. She normally doesn't become violent unless provoked or in the presence of those who get in her way deliberately. She tends to gravitate towards people with darkened energy becoming much looser and even seductive to get them to act upon the energy.


Sasora stands at 5'10" and 160 pounds, with her black scorpion stinger bringing her height up to 7'11" and has black hair falling to said stinger. She has red eyes and her hands can transform into claws she uses in battle. She wears a black, ankle-length dress with strands running seemingly randomly from her waist to her shoulders that change color depending on what type of poison she's using

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Above average strength- she's a beastkin so this is par for the course


Sasora's hands can transform into black, foot long pincers which can be coated in poison and are strong enough to block most weapons


Sasora's body creates several different kinds of poison she can inject directly into a victim with a stinger shoot from said stinger or coat on her claws in battle, which type can be identified by the color of the strands

Poison typesEdit

Red: Sends the opponent into a paralytic state for anywhere from a few minutes to hours, takes time to come into effect however

Yellow: Causes hallucinations, usually of the victim's worst fear

Black: Causes Nausea and vomiting, will kill If not treated quickly

Blue: the victim goes into a trance like state where they are easily manipulated

White: Causes the victim pain whenever they attempt use Sethir or Magic


Had some serious family issues due to (currently) unspecified events during her childhood

  • Tries to make her opponents uncomfortable before and during a battle often flirting, especially if their energy is dark
  • Listening to opera tends to calm her down enough to speak with even the people she hates most.


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