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Saori First Appearance
Gender: Female
Race: Beastkin (Cat)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Purple
Personal Status
Status: Active
Material Collection Information

Saori was undercover before Kei 'freed' her.


Sometime before A and K, Saori went undercover, hoping to find the person responsible for the beastkin slave trade.

A and KEdit

Saori's first appearance is in chapter fifteen. She is shown to be one of the women that was among the beastkin that were being 'sold' by the 'owner'. Kei easily defeated him. Her mission now finished, she decided to force Kei into bringing her home with him. She met up with Athena here. The two retreated outside where Athena dropped her cover and asked about her being here. Saori revealed the situation, and Athena figured it would be best if Saori stayed with her. The two went to Athena's apartment, where Athena instructed her to take a bath and was given fresh clothes. It was then revealed that Ame was their boss when he called and spoke with them. Saori's next appearance was in the following chapter when she spoke with Shigure . She stated that Lexi would want Shigure to be happy, and, at least this time, should give in to her selfish urges in regards to Kei. Shigure thanked her. When Saori exited the room and shut the door, she wonders about the lives Lexi had touched, insinuating that Saori knew of Lexi.

Saori would have a more prominent role when she joined the search for Kana. She seemingly hit it off with the person who was looking for Kana, Josh.

The two helped each other during the fight against Kira, sparing each other from attacks. After Kira's defeat, she decided to stay behind with Josh.

She now lives with Karin, Rin, and Kana as well.


Saori is dedicated to her mission. She kept her cover and insisted that Kei take her home since he had 'freed' her, though the case could be made she could've done it at any time. Saori has been shown to be pushy in the same regard. Saori shows a good relationship with Athena. The two seem to trade sarcastic barbs at each other often.


Saori wore a purple skirt and white tank top with no shoes. Her cat ears, tail, and hair are also purple. She has brown eyes. Athena gave Saori a new outfit to wear after they reached her apartment. This consisted of a red skirt, black socks and shoes, and a sleeved purple T-shirt.


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