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The Saints of Destruction are an independent small movement of individuals of unknown origin who preach their existence being to deliver the world to its fated destruction. They are a primarily antagonistic group in the upcoming Blazblue: Legacy of Advent Chaos.

Their worship with beings of calamity like the Black Beast, and the created Avatars of Destruction from the darkest side of Azure known as "Destroyers" over the years has caused much unrest with other government agencies such as the Omónoia Union, Sector Seven and even the small remnants of the NOL.

Aside this, their plans and intentions for others are unknown.

Each Leader of the Saints bares a specially designed armament from Negative Azure energy taken from the Soul Codex and focused and refined into the core weapon. They travel the entire world, using the several years of peace to seek certain people and move towards a certain goal. In most cases they go under alias when they're traveling, unless its a person they desire to speak with. 

They have a very strict "convert or be killed" policy and because they have no base of operation that anyone can tell, they are impossible to stop completely it seems. The Omonia Union is constantly looking into their actions because they disrupt the peace for mere pleasure, however despite their small size, the Saints contain immense power within their ranks as noted by many.

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  • Each of their names means something in Japanese or is a spin on it, and are complimentary to the organization's name. Akuryo is Demonic or Devilish, Seikyo is Doom, Yakunan is Calamity, while Bokyaku is Oblivion.
    • Colypse, their supreme leader is the only one who breaks from the Japanese path, and is obviously a spin on "Apocalypse".

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