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Rui Hirose
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Name: Rui Hirose
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Rui Hirose is depicted as being strange. Largely a loner due to her condition, she finds it hard to make friends. Despite being born healthy, she was diagnosed with 'Alexithymia', making it hard to process, even describe, or feel emotions. The same could be said of trying to understand other people's emotions. Because of this, she grew up to be logical and methodical. Unable to explain how she felt, she closed herself off entirely, showing absolutely no pain or emotion partly because of her condition. However, she did become a well-known strategist. She took up the rapier, because of her fencing classes, as a means to satisfy her parent's encouragement to do 'something' as part of her education so that she would not be by herself all the time. She can wield her rapier with almost surgical precision, and simply attacks with no remorse. At the age of sixteen, feeling burdened by her parents 'sense of responsibility' to raise her, she ran away. Since then, she has largely remained in nature, understanding that nature simply 'does as is needed', and largely wanting to be alone so as not to be bothered by the 'trivial pursuits of others'. She avoids using her name, which means 'Affectionate' (the irony of which isn't lost on her), going instead by her last name only.


  • What is your purpose? - Rui's Theme - 'The Lost Emotion' from Touhou 13.5
  • Pointless - Mirror Battle - 'Eternal Short-Lived Reign' from Touhou 14.3

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