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Rogue Sectors

Faction Information
Type: Soverign Forces
Subdivisions: The Ikaruga Liberation Force
Research and Development
Organizational & Historical Information
Size: Worldwide
Subordinate Unit(s): Committee of the Sectors (Superiors/Leaders)
Headquarters: Unknown
Status: Active (GD)
Defeated and became the Liberation Sector (Control Sequence)
Anime(s): Genesis Destruction: Irregularity Sequence

The Rogue Sectors are a rebellion against the Novus Orbis Sequentia during the time of Genesis Destruction: Irregularity Sequence. Supposedly they're developing weapons of mass destruction through the Boundary's power.


Completely made up of rebelling forces against the NOS, they have no real point of origin other than being apparent traitors gathered en masse.

Their leaders are kept in the dark except for the head director of the Ikaruga Liberation Forces.


Ikaruga Liberation ForceEdit

The main strike team which is tasked by the Union Committee to stop the NOS and collect the Boundary Armaments. While true to their military status, some of them wish for a peaceful solution to the war and fear it will consume both sides.

The Union CommitteeEdit

The group of leaders for the Rogue Sectors, they've been using their smaller sections like the ILF to hunt down the fabled Architects of Origin. They're behind the orders to get the Boundary Armaments and create a power capable of destroying the NOS.

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