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Gender: Female
Race: Beastkin (Dog, Siberian Husky Breed)
Personal Status
Relatives: Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father
Mai (Older Sister)
Kei (Older Brother)
Rie (Younger Sister)

Status: Active
Material Collection Information
Manga(s): A and K

Rie is Kei's younger sister, and she is the second youngest of her family.


Rie, so far, has only been mentioned in A and K. It was explained that Rie and her sisters, Mai and Yui would often make Kei's life 'miserable'. Like her sister Mai, she is a siberian husky breed. Rie has been described as a gossip and a big spender according to her family members.

Rie made her first appearance in the family reunion arc. She seemed annoyed at Yuka's outfit, though Mai cut her off. Rie would then be given a spiel by Kei, calling her a spoiled brat. After Kei was attacked, Rie demanded she be brought along. She was promptly held captive during the fight. She thanked Isao for helping her and apologized to Yuka. She then made her intentions aware to Yuka, Mai, and Yui. She then made her intentions aware to Kei, who was surprised at her wanting to learn. Isao is escorting Rie home to gather her things.

Rie then joined the group of people at Kei's home. Rie then began struggling to learn how to fight, with Isao teaching her. Rie and Yui had their first big fight in Chapter 76, and Kei was forced to separate the two of them. He teamed Rie up with Shigure and Shigure took Rie to a soup kitchen. To which Rie was less than pleased with the idea. She quietly softened to the idea when she noticed most of the people were beastkin.

When she returned home, she apologized to Yui. She soon learned of the disappearance of her mother from Athena. When she arrived at her parent's home, she learned that Kei had gone missing as well from isao.

Hitomi then appeared at the home and handed off to her a weapon made by Kokonoe. A fan that was made with her own design, Her weapon's name is ‘Comptus gratia: Sadie'. She used the weapon in her first fight against Saki.


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