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Character Relationships Edit



Reiga and Akari are partners by the NOS's word. He has been placed with her to see what effects they'd have on each other, being that Akari is an incomplete AIP. The two are friends in every definition of the word and he protects her without a second thought, even from those in Sequence themselves. He makes an effort to make time to teach her about the world and wants her to see the few good points of it, seeing she behaves and learns through those around her.

Reiga sees Akari as a younger sibling, but in stark contrast, Akari does in fact, have feelings for him but Reiga seems to be oblivious concerning it.

Kiryos HikamigawaEdit

Reiga's close friend, the two have known each other since childhood and their families are equally as close. While Reiga has always been more naive in nature and hot-blooded, Kiryos tends to be calm and collected, resulting in at times their personalities clashing. However, it's rare for the two to remain upset at each other for any length of time and they appear to have an unbreakable bond that begs to be thicker than blood.

Siegfried Schtauffen Edit

Mysteria Edit

Reiga respects Mysteria as his superior. He's always had something of an admiration toward her, and she helped him get through the military academy. As such she is a close and valued friend.

The two shared a charm Mysteria received from her family, and she passes it to Reiga in the hopes that one day she can take him to meet her family. Reiga is more naive then she is by far, but it a quality she's always loved deep down. Reiga is protective over her, just like he is toward Akari. Its obvious that he has feelings for her, and vice versa but Reiga's tendency for disobedience can get in between that oftentimes.




His superior, but also someone who he absolutely doesn't trust. Reiga and Akuhei have a toxic relationship, though it isn't known entirely why that is but Akuhei goes out of his way to make him suffer, constantly prodding and provoking him due to his situation. Reiga feels genuine anger toward him, one of the only people capable of doing so given Reiga's pacifistic nature.



The two meet and their connection is introduced in Verse 2.


Asher Fukui and Atara FukuiEdit

Knew of them as a lesser known family, beyond that its unknown what their connection is. It's further explored in Verse 3.

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